If you are a small business owner, you will surely like Drinkle

I myself, Sriram(aka Kapil) have started Tomatofry 3 years ago. Tomatofry is a web design and development company. As a business manager, I faced many problems with organizing stuff. Like projects, tasks, leads, notes, and collaborating with the team etc. We did find solutions online, but the good ones were expensive and affordable ones were bad.

Later as time went on, our profit increased, and we were able afford the good ones, but then still I was not satisfied, because there too many different applicaitons I had to use to keep myself up organized. Like for tasks, for leads, for notes, for sheets etc.

So thats what made us work on Drinkle. At drinke, it has everything you need to run a small business.

Check this video which explains what is it and how does it work.