A quick reminder tool

We have launched a small web application which we have developed during last weekend. Its an simple application where you set a time and it alerts you with a sound when your time is up.

This was developed for those who generally keep forgetting things very frequently, like you are cooking something in the kitchen and because its going to take a while, you are back at your desk facebooking and then forgert that you had something in the stove or maybe there is something which is being downloaded and you are not at the desk so you want someone to remind you back in a short period of time etc.

There are many more cases in this multitasking world where we need someone to remind us back about some task which we have switched from and want to go back in a period of time because its either kind of going to take some time for like being cooked, downloading, a tv ad etc. So we don’t want to waste that time and we switch to some other task when we come to such situations, so this application helps us remind us back about it.

Whats so special about it? There are many such things around us which can do the same? like your phone’s alarm etc? One might ask, yes ofcourse but nobody does that, because they are logically complex tasks again, like you need to unlock your phone, open the menu, find the alarm application and then you need drag your fingers all the way and set them. So generally nobody does all this because it has such a logically complex procedure. Hence we developed Remind Wall with the most simple user interface.

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